Hi my name is: Hanae Rivera
I like: steamed dumplings, curling up in sun patches, gamboling on a beach with canine companions
I don't like: too-cold air conditioning on too-hot days, being caught waiting without a book to read

Born: San Francisco, CA, in mysterious circumstances
Current Residence: San Francisco, CA, hop-skipping all over the Bay


BA, Cinema-Television Production, USC, Los Angeles, CA


Illustrator, Kodoku (children's book). William Emery, Heyday, Berkeley, CA, 2012.

Original Concept Artist, Freakshow (comic book). Jackson Lanzing, David Server, Joe Suitor, Ape Entertainment, San Diego, CA, 2010.


Hyphen Magazine, Typhoons, Whales, Jellyfish, and Other Monsters, Sabina Chen, 2013 February.
"Riveraís illustrations are vivid and muscular, reflecting Kenichiís transformation from boy to a man. The images of the ocean are reminiscent of Hokusai wood block prints of waves, capturing the beauty and power of the sea. Through Riveraís art, the ocean emerges as the main character in this story, the one that offers a full range of emotion to Kenichiís journey: fear, hope, sadness, grace, joy." [Full Review]

Kirkus Reviews, Kodoku, 2012 July 23.
"In Riveraís artwork, Kenichi and his small boat float between tumultuous waves and skies, amid teeming masses of sea lifeóall depicted in long, flowing strokes of oil pastels." [Full Review]

LightSource, Introducing Hanae Rivera: LightSource Artist of the Month, 2012 July 06. [Interview]

BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program, Kodoku, Terry Hong, 2012 July 05.
"Illustrator Hanae Rivera gives Kenichiís voyage swirling, swift motion, using a gorgeous palette of surprising colors, from the yellow-orange highlights of the beckoning sea, the pink glow of sunning-whale waters, to the indigo anger of the hunting sharks. Her hapa Japanese heritage adds detailed enhancement to her work...." [Full Review]


Nielsen Arts, Berkeley, CA, 510 All-Stars group show, December 2014-February 2015.
Nielsen Arts, Berkeley, CA, Ambergris: The Art of Hanae Rivera & Jon Stich, June 2013.
Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland, CA, Lucid Dreams group exhibition, December 2012.

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